f. g. klingelhofer Artist Statement
Iíve heard that authors should write about what they know. I believe this sage advice applies to authors of all art forms. This said: I was raised and nurtured by ordinary people in a blue-collar community of Chicago. I was formally schooled in the physical sciences receiving a bachelorís degree in physics and worked as an engineer for thirty years. My wife, of forty years, and I have children and grand children, these things are the sources of my art. I want to engage the casual viewer as well as sculpture enthusiasts.

My work varies in its degree of abstraction and realism but always includes the effect of a living entity, that is, the pieces are first and foremost sculptures. My history prescribes the angles, arcs, and textures; any 'meaning' conveyed by my pieces relies on the life history of the viewer.

f. g. klingelhofer

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