About the Artist
I was in fifth grade, seated in the school gymnasium, watching the slide pictures of famous artists flick on and off with some interest. When Andrew Wyeth’s picture of “Wind From the Sea” appeared on the screen, the hair on the back of my neck stood up! Much later I read that was Wyeth’s reaction when the wind disturbed the old lace curtain on that window.

My talent for science and mathematics pulled me into the technical field. I worked as an engineer for nearly thirty years. My formal education is for the most part technical/scientific. I received a BS degree in Physics from Roosevelt University in 1977. Art has always been active peripherally in my life. In 1997 I again got that feeling of the hair on my neck standing up while discussing possibilities for a memorial. That became my first commission completed in 2004.

I began devoting all of my time to sculpture the beginning of 2006.